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Residential Property Lighting

Lighting update in a residential property in the South of the Island.

We updated the external lighting to modern up/down wall washes.

External lighting to modern up/down wall washes

The client wished to highlight the curb and pavers with a low light pollution lighting solution, due to the properties position in the countryside.

We provided a bespoke low level/low impact driveway illumination by recessing LED lights into the curb stones.

Low  level /low impact illumination by recessing LED lights into curb stones

We created a feature point by illuminating the mature tree line in the clients garden with low energy LED lights.

Illuminating mature tree lin with low energy LED lights created a fantastic feature point.

A strategically placed floodlight has created a fantastic feature point of the waterfall, this is an easily achievable design point and helps the client to enjoy their garden and stream feature in the early evening.

Strategically placed floodlight creates a stunning feature of the waterfall.