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Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Policy Statement 

Brew & Corkill Limited recognise the fact that health, safety and environmental best practices together with a commitment to high standards benefits employees, clients and other parties affected by their activities. In order to attain positive benefits, adequate and appropriate resources will be allocated. It is also acknowledged that health, safety and environmental statutory and duty of care requirements are a business function and must, therefore, continually progress and adapt to change.

A positive attitude and organisational culture in health, safety and environmental matters is to be encouraged by senior managers. The latter are required to demonstrate their involvement by visible and transparent leadership styles.
All employees are to take ownership of required performance standards in health, safety and environmental practices and to participate fully in all opportunities that contribute to the development and improvement of the workplace.
Brew & Corkill Limited will provide the necessary information, instruction and training to employees, including temporary staff, to ensure their competence relating to health, safety and environmental matters.

Consultation with employees on all health, safety and environmental matters is a vital part of ensuring success in the operation of a health, safety and environmental management system. The preferred practice of consultation is by direct means, i.e. discussion opportunities at toolbox talk and training events. Feedback on issues raised is imperative and will be recorded as taking place.

The performance of Brew & Corkill Limited will be monitored via workplace inspections and an annual audit. Continuous improvement will be the key theme arising from these monitoring activities.

Incidents having the potential for cause of major injury are to be investigated along with accidents and dangerous occurrences that are reportable under statutory requirements in order to eliminate reoccurrence.

Brew & Corkill Limited will endeavour to establish the best practicable environmental option (BPEO) relating to waste minimisation in order to benefit from both ethical and cost saving measures derived from a sustainable programme involving:

The purchase, supply and installation of materials to be based on measured quantities in the first instance, thereby eliminating/minimising residual waste. Reduction in the use of energy supplies, e.g. lighting when not required, thermostatic control of heating system, planned vehicle routes and job activities – less fuel.

Wherever possible, material such as brick, timber, pipe, fittings and paper (used on one side only) to be re-used.

Recycling of materials such as paper, cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, dense plastics/plastic film, oils and solvents, batteries, electrical and electronic goods (recycling of plastics and metals contained in these goods) and glass.

Existing procedures for the removal and transportation of controlled and special wastes to be reviewed and modified accordingly.

A weekly board report will be prepared for senior management review relating to current performance in health, safety and environmental activities.
This policy will be reviewed on its anniversary date each year and revised accordingly.